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Eutaw Online was established to serve the community of Eutaw Alabama and Greene County.


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Eutaw Alabama

Internet Safety

If you have any questions or would like further information about internet safety, please use the form on the Contact Us page.

Quick Internet Shopping Safety Tip

After you have completed an online transaction, print or write down your order number for future reference.

DO NOT: Click on any after-sale free offers, discounts, advertisements or respond to any surveys.

In other words do not follow or click any links that would cause you to navigate away from the secure webpage where you completed your order.

DO: Click the X in the upper right top corner to close your browser window.

This will end your session on the secure server, reducing the risk of your credit card information being passed to a 3rd party.

If you still want to shop or look around, open a new browser window to do so.

For more tips, see our internet safety page.

Anti-Virus Software ...

There are several well known name brand anti-virus software programs available on the market. Opinions differ on which one is the best.

In our opinion, the best is the one that you will use. It should be easy to install and very user friendly.

We tried most of the top brands over the years and the program we feel is currently the best available is Trend Micro Internet Security. It provides excellent protection.

Trend Micro also provides a free online virus scan. It is always up to date and there is nothing to install. You can use the free online scan by going to A1 Web Services - Free Virus Scan .

Spyware Protection

There is no need to buy a spyware protection program because t he best one is free. We have been using it for years.

You can download the program at Spybot Search & Destroy. If you are not a "computer techie", install it in the Default Mode. After you become comfortable with the program you can switch the settings to the Advanced Mode.

After installation, run this program once a week to keep your computer free of invasive spyware.

Greene County Alabama

Internet Safety

You've heard the expression "drive defensively", now you must also use the internet "defensively". The internet is a tool. It can be a very useful tool for research, shopping, communication, etc.

However, the internet is one tool that comes without warning labels and without safety instuctions on it.

Email Address On Website

You may have noticed that there is a contact form on this website, instead of our email address.

The reason for that is to protect our server and our inbox from literally thousands of spam emails.

Unfortunately, spammers send out "spambots" to search the internet in order to harvest email addresses.

This has forced webmasters to remove the actual email addresses from their websites, replacing them with contact forms.