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Eutaw Alabama

Email Safety

You cannot be too careful when it comes to email. On this page we will give you some general information that pertains to all email. We have another page that has information specifically pertaining to Outlook Express.

Beware of Phishing Scams

If you use email, sooner or later you are going to get "fake" email, sent by "phishers". (pronounced like the word fishers)

What are phishing scams? Just as the name implies, they are scams run by scammers who are fishing for information. Disguised as legitimate email, they try to trick you into giving them private information.

How They Do It

A typical phishing email will say something like this:

"Click here to login to your account and update your information." The email may look just like it came from your bank or eBay or Paypal, etc.

When someone clicks on the link, it will take them to a fake web site, a duplicate of the real web site operated by the bank (or eBay or whatever). A victim of this type scam will then type in their login ID and password on the fake web site.

And then.......

The phishers then collect the victim's login ID and password information and use it to gain access to the victim's real bank, eBay or Paypal, etc. account. By the time the victim realizes they have been tricked, the phishers have already taken all of the money out of the victim's account.

Your defense - Never click on a link in an email to go to any type of financial web site. NEVER!

Question - So what do you do if you think the email is really sent to you from your bank and they want you to go login to your account?

Answer - You open a new browser window and manually type in the url (internet address) of the web site.

Greene County Alabama

Email Viruses

Do not accept and/or open any email attachments unless you are absolutely sure of who sent it to you.

Even if you are sure of who sent it to you, do NOT open the attachment from within the email.

First, save the attachment to your desktop and then run it though your anti-virus program to make sure it is clean and free of any virus.

Remember to keep your anti-virus program updated.

Anti-Virus Software

We use and highly recommend Trend Micro Internet Security.

It's an excellent program, user friendly and easy to use. Plus, it doesn't drain your system's resources like some of the other big name anti-viruses do.